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com Sónia Cunha

From the book Mina by Matthew Forsythe; (Orfeu Negro Edition)

Balleteatrinho is a workshop where participants are invited to experiment with movement and the interpretation of a children's literary work. It's a workshop to raise awareness and introduce them to the world of dance, theater, cinema, circus, visual arts and music, by stimulating their creativity and imagination. At the end of the session, family members are invited to watch the results of the workshop in a short play presented by the participants.

Concept: Isabel Barros

Sónia Cunha was born in Porto in 1975. She began her studies in Classical Dance at the Fátima Valle da Veiga Ballet School in 1980. She completed a dance course at the ballet theater Escola Profissional, and attended workshops led by Né Barros, Isabel Barros, Jordi Cortés Molina, João Fiadeiro, Clara Andermatt, Peter Michael Dietz, Companhia Raíz di Polon, Paulo Ribeiro and others. Since 1996 she has been a trainer at the Balleteatro Professional School, where she teaches Classical Ballet. She has been a professional dancer since 1992, performing in various projects by choreographers Né Barros and Isabel Barros.

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