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The Online Artist Residencies, organized by balleteatro, aims to create an online archive in the field of the performing arts, for research and documentation of processes of transmitting and capturing artistic practices. The scope of this program is aimed at those who work in dance, theater and performance, whether in in creation, interpretation or research, and who wish to develop a diagrammatic exhibition of their creative processes or archives.

Applications may include documentation and capture processes relating to research projects or actions, whether they are still in progress or have already been carried out. This program includes the award of three grants of €700.00 each, to be awarded to 3 artists or collective structures to be selected by submitting an application.

The online artistic residency will be developed on a digital platform and the final result will be announced at the end of the residency period and will remain public on the balleteatro website.

Applications must be submitted by February 29, 2024 by filling in the form.
The selection will be communicated via e-mail by March 11, 2024.

The duration of the online artistic residency is 4 weeks, and each application must indicate the preferred time interval for the online artistic residency, within the periods presented below:
- April to June
- July to September
- October to December
It is recommended that you submit, if available, and in order of preference, more than one possible date for the artist residency.

April 2024
May 2024