Earth. Occupation. Inside and outside, migrations. Go back and redo. These are some keywords that can characterize this choreographic work that was initially created for the Lithuanian dance company Aura and which is now recreated with Portuguese dancers. 4 million was the original title of the piece and was presented in the context of the Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE 11, with scenography by the plastic artist Patricija Gilyte. In a reference to the problem of the Lithuanian population rate, the play functioned as a poem of intensification of the earth and as movements that could evoke millions of sensations. For that, I explored the sensual and volumetric plasticity of the foams proposed by Patricija. In an expanded choreography logic, during the performance the materials on stage are at the same time (that special land) an extension of dancers, they are part of their bodies, and they are bodies per se, they live in abstraction of the human bodies that gave them movement, they are not mere objects. The dancers are artisans of this land or simply those who walk on it, sometimes they are fragility on that surface, other times they are engines of displacement of that surface (here I evoked the neo-concrete ballets of Lygia Pape that I have had the opportunity to recreate).

Million also works as a performative event and as a theatrical spectacle, and its spatiality and temporality results from an ephemeral mix of dislocations, occupations and territorial transformations. These are the conditions for a renovated place and for simply, to create a place.

Né Barros