Extemporânea is a collaborative curatorial project, which consists in the development of a programme of performances and/or performative installations, taking place over two days and on an annual basis, in which artists are called upon to articulate their artistic practices with the social, economic and political context inherent to the location of each edition. The conceptualisation of the Extemporânea programme proposes an expansion of the notions of choreography and performativity to different social and geographical contexts in the city of Porto. With a critical and discursive thought, we invite artists to experiment with different presentation formats and audience reception modes, regarding the space-time experience and the spectrum of possibilities between participation and contemplation of the audience itself.

The first edition of Extemporânea takes place in Jardim Botânico do Porto and focuses on domesticities in these urban public spaces that evoke tangentially bucolic moments and constitute different temporalities of being in the world. Here, the metric of time has no place for efficiency and is volatile to the uncontrollable variables that compromise the linearity of time. From the specificity of the botanical garden, an artificial and public space that is inhabited by a diversity of endemic and non-endemic species. In an ecosystem that reveals diverse geographies and serves here as a subterfuge to raise questions about displacement and migration, domesticity and the exotic, memory and speculation, the inter-species relationship.


16h00 | Jardim dos Anões
Maria Antunes 

18h00 | Roseiral
Ana Isabel Castro 

16h00 | Jardim dos Anões
João Oliveira 

18h00 | Jardim da Rapariga de bronze / Jardim do Xisto / Roseiral


17 e 18 JUNHO | 10h00 - 19h00

Estufa tropical
Isabel Carvalho 

Grandes sobreiros
Susana Gaudêncio 

Largo grande / Presa
Maria Inês Marques 

Arboreto/ Mata/ Bosque
Luca Argel 

Euphorbia milii/Coroa-de-Cristo Jardim dos catos e suculentas
Melissa Rodrigues 


Curadoria: Né Barros, Isabel Barros, Jorge Gonçalves, Flávio Rodrigues
Produção: Tiago Oliveira, Andreia Fraga
Comunicação: Vasco Ferreira
Design: Marta Filipe
Financeiro: José Paulo Sousa
Apoio: Jardim Botânico da Universidade do Porto