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Pondo rezas nos lábios

// Corpo+Cidade 2023

Starting from the theme of the sea and the diverse relationship of the artists who live in Portugal or in Cape Verde, Isabel Barros, proposes a play for public space, created with Carlos Guedes, based on the assumption: how much the sea is in me and in the other. The choice of the actress Lisa Reis, born in S.Vicente, reinforces this research on the look of someone who was born in a country surrounded by sea. Putting prayers on lips, it is a project of spoken word, music and gesture.

Isabel Barros
Artist, co-founder of balleteatro (1983), artistic director of Teatro de Marionetas do Porto since 2010 and of the Museu das Marionetas do Porto opened in February 2013. She has a vast path of artistic creation, in which she highlights the crossing of languages, namely dance, theatre and puppets. He soon became interested in creating projects favouring transversal and alternative formats, with other artists and with the community. In 2014 he created the Festival Corpo + Cidade, dedicated to performance in public space, which since 2016 has become part of the DDD Festival programme. In 2018 he received the Municipal Medal of Merit - Gold Grade. Por1to is his city of origin and of choice, in which he develops his work with a sense of urgency and a strong social dimension.

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